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GCE Healthcare Launches Platform Developed by InVMA to Market

GCE Healthcare Launches Platform Developed by InVMA to Market 

Tern Plc (AIM: TERN), the investment company specialising in the Internet of Things (“IoT”), is pleased to announce that the ClarityTM platform, developed by its portfolio company InVMA on behalf of GCE Healthcare, has been launched to the market.

InVMA, in which Tern has a 50% holding, will receive a subscription payment with every ClarityTM sale by GCE Healthcare. This follows the agreement between InVMA and GCE Healthcare announced on 30 November 2017 and underpins Tern’s decision to continue investing in InVMA in order to maintain its holding.

ClarityTM is a secure online platform that enables home oxygen providers to remotely monitor GCE Healthcare’s Zen-O(TM) range of portable oxygen concentrators (POCs). Through the platform, GCE Healthcare can provide its customers with instant access to secure data on the flow and oxygen purity, device location and battery life. This information can also be accessed by the patients and their families. In this way they can:

  • Monitor device performance and carry out predictive maintenance;
  • Optimise assets, ensuring patients have the right device;
  • Help patients manage their adherence to prescription; and
  • Track device location using GPS and GSM technologies. 

Data obtained from the devices will not only improve patient care, but significantly improve the operational effectiveness and efficiency of asset management and field service. The project is expected to positively impact on GCE Healthcare’s service quality and sales of the Zen-O(TM) range of devices. The security layer protecting patient confidentiality will be provided by Device Authority’s KeyScaler(TM) platform enabling secure device onboarding, authentication and key rotation. 

Tern Plc Director and InVMA Chairman Bruce Leith said,

“We are delighted to see the launch of the ClarityTM product, which creates a new revenue stream for InVMA. InVMA’s relationship with GCE Healthcare is very important and we look forward to supporting this partner as they focus on strengthening their penetration of the connected medical device market in a secure way.”