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“With context, you can turn data into useful information”

Downtime is hugely costly to manufacturers, and with squeezed margins and supply chains under more pressure than ever, it’s a very real hit to a manufacturer’s bottom line. Konektio’s SaaS tool, AssetMinder®, connects teams to every part of their production process, preventing problems, reducing downtime and allowing businesses to concentrate on productivity and profitability.

With AssetMinder®, Konektio is accelerating industrial companies’ digital transformation, providing huge value though its powerful analytics and insights reducing costs, downtime and enhancing efficiencies in every aspect of how they operate.

Konektio is a company that believes the true potential of Industrial IoT is yet to be realised. Its SaaS tool AssetMinder® is helping companies not just connect their assets to the IoT but is allowing them to predict and prevent the costly downtimes and unforeseen events that bedevil the bottom line of companies already under pressure from supply chain issues and price fluctuations in global markets.

“We’ve been in IoT since 2012,” adds Chief Innovation Officer Pat Nash. “Which was relatively early. So, we’re really very good at connecting things up. But often when you connect things up, it can still just be data with no context. So, what we always look to do with customers is to not only connect them to those devices, but also connect that data to information that gives context, and therefore, adds value to it.”

Data: It’s not just about the numbers. What makes Konektio so effective at problem solving is that these are problems they’ve experienced themselves.

“Really, our differentiator is that we’ve come from that world of products, equipment, and manufacturing, and we’ve lived day-to-day with those very same problems our customers face. Our vision and passion is in solving those problems.

Technical Director, Jan Hemper also feels that a powerful IoT system goes beyond simply keeping things running smoothly.  “We’re really about…not just getting data for data’s sake but getting data from different systems for customers, blending it together with context, to create truly invaluable insights, which they can then use to generate revenue.”


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“We’re always looking to join people, process, places and things in Industrial 4.0”

Peter Stephens


Konektio talks about how AssetMinder® is delivering value to its customers through the power of Industrial IoT