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Digital journeys. The first steps?

The power of IoT can be an incredible benefit to a business, but it’s very important to get it right — right from the start. So if you think your customers can benefit from the connective power of the Internet of Things, but don’t know how to explain the potential benefits, here’s five questions to ask them, because if they answer honestly, it could pay dividends for years.

Why do you want to do this?

As questions go, this seems a bit obvious, but it’s the single most important one a business can ask itself. A lot of companies can look to digitise because “It’s what everyone is doing?” without really analysing what the actual value benefits and ROI such a move can deliver.

Some companies can also find their IoT implementation hampered because their current ‘analog’ infrastructure isn’t in a position to adapt quickly and at scale to digital.

Digital transformation is a great buzz-phrase, but it’s a significant commitiment in terms of investment and time, but by agreeing the goals in the short, medium and long term, you and your customers can produce a practical plan to a rewarding digital transformation.


Retail: Getting ROI from IOT

A ‘dumb’ IoT set-up for retailers, will do little more than keep an eye on stock levels, but a well-thought out approach can help secure supply chains, engage customers, build brand loyalty and deliver the data to scale businesses at speed.

Tern is helping tech businesses address their retail customers’ concerns and tailor IoT solutions that deliver ROI from the moment they flick the switch.

Enhance the customer experience

By measuring and montioring footfall and comparing to actual purche decisions, you can look to enhance the in-store experience  at a location-by-location level.

Premium product placement

Learn the patterns in retail outlets that allow you to place key POS material and information and offer premium places to your best selling lines. Connect your customers to the product with interactive digital content at the point of sale.

Constant customer connection

Connect customers via mobile-apps, enahcing the shopping experience but continue engagement and build brand loyalty outside of the in-store experience.

Up close and personal

Reward engagement with your stores via personalised promotions and VIP content based on purchases, location and fequency.

Insightful inventory

Monitor all stock movement, consumables and equipment health at every location 24/7 – for smart re-orders, timely repairs and make data-decisions about what are the best perorming lines to carry.

Report that ROI

With comprehensive metrics about every in-store interaction and beyond, quickly create reports to drive the next phase of your business.

If you need help explaining the power of IoT to your customers, the Tern team can help you turnaround your approach to potential markets.

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