investing in change

tern drives change —
but still has the same commitment to its companies and shareholders

tern is a company that has always looked to empower the exceptional, the driven and the disruptive; people with great teams excited to turn that amazing business idea into a successful commercial reality. CEO Al Sisto and the tern team are investing their decades long next-gen tech experience into tern’s portfolio companies; opening doors to markets and opportunities as they continue to drive change in their industries.

“The downturn in the global technology sector coupled with the sharp increase in interest rates have affected the technology business climate. However, we still feel tern’s experience, and our own entrepreneurship, can provide the next stage of growth that our investors, and the businesses themselves are looking for.

“In fact, our team’s extensive experience over many decades of past technology cycles has enabled us to help our companies effectively to manage their way through the recent turbulent trading conditions. Previous downturns have demonstrated that such market conditions can have a relatively short-term effect on early-stage innovative companies with breakthrough technologies. Their potential remains to be realised.

tern continues to build on the influential positions it has taken on boards in companies looking to deploy artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR), natural language processing (NLP), security, and communications products and services — not just providing expansion capital and helping in fundraising rounds, but also proactively supporting growth via the tern team’s experience, sector expertise and ability to introduce highly effective management, marketing and technology skills. It has provided a long-term partnership to its businesses; leveraging access to markets, suppliers and potential partners for companies seeking to expand, not only in size, but also market share.

“Since tern started, it has created a network of companies that have generated a collaborative environment that allows the businesses it backs to thrive in. This is part of the tern mission to help companies realise potential, expand market share and deliver strong exit multiples to investors.”

empowering the exceptional

“We look to empower exceptional businesses, exceptional teams. In the last few years, we’ve developed what we think are some of the most relevant companies in the markets that they are addressing. We are dedicated to supporting our investee companies as they make important technological advancements that will solve critical business and social problems, shaping the future of work and the world we live in.

“We’ve watched these companies develop and expand in the time we’ve been working with them and seen them really start to gain footholds in key markets such as the States. These companies will deliver significant returns not just for the businesses themselves but also for our shareholders.

“The strategy is to really build on the success of the work that has been done so far, and really take those ideas, that drive to the next level. It’s about highlighting our hands-on approach to our companies, helping them expand and grow from the early seed funding round into significant companies in their marketplace.

“We are striving for our portfolio companies to strike a balance between growth and seeking profitability, to responsibly reduce burn rates and drive efficient value-creating growth. As our reported KPIs demonstrate, our portfolio companies are still experiencing strong growth, high levels of customer satisfaction, and our exit goals remain grounded, despite being impacted by the recent turbulence in valuation metrics.

growth in challenging times

“Disruptive thinking; disruptive ideas. That really is what we’re all about. And we’re seasoned entrepreneurs ourselves, so there’s a real force multiplier in our network of companies, in our experience, their ideas, their great teams, the other people and teams coming together to share knowledge. All this adds-up to a real synergy in our portfolio – helping our companies to grow into market-savvy players in the markets that they serve.”

“The strategy is to really build on the success of the work that has been done so far, and really take those ideas, that drive to the next level”

Al Sisto