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Device Authority Unveils KeyScaler AI at the 7th Annual IoT Security Foundation Conference

Device Authority Unveils KeyScaler AI at the 7th Annual IoT Security Foundation Conference

London, UK – 7th November 2023, Device Authority, the recipient of the prestigious 2023 Microsoft Rising Azure Technology Partner of the Year award and a globally recognized leader in Device Identity Lifecycle Management, has today announced a preview of its new KeyScaler AI solution at the IoTSF Conference.

It is impossible to navigate the world of technology without hearing about AI, and Device Authority already enables the secure use of new AI applications by ensuring end-to-end device and data trust with continuous authorization. KeyScaler AI, a new solution focused on enhancing device security and delivering new automated features, now adds an AI/Machine Learning license module to the KeyScaler platform.

Commenting on the launch, Darron Antill, Device Authority CEO said “KeyScaler AI is a significant step forward in responding to the AI market requirements and our customers’ new security challenges. We are delighted to announce KeyScaler AI as an additional AI/ML license solution to our core software platform KeyScaler Central.

James Penney, CTO of Device Authority also added “KeyScaler AI leverages internal platform data and external threat intelligence to maximize the new levels of automated security response made possible by AI. The NIST Zero Trust Architecture stipulates there should be no implicit trust between the network and any resources trying to connect. Thanks to KeyScaler AI, customers can now create a trust chain that establishes explicit trust between the devices, the data they generate and the AI applications that rely on trustworthy data.”

“Historically authorization policies have depended on answers to questions that are quite static and binary; KeyScaler AI enables Zero Trust by answering complex authorization questions that are relevant to the modern-day operation and context.”

KeyScaler AI boasts a range of exceptional features, including:

  • Anomalous Device Detection
  • Retrainable Model that learns new authorized device types
  • Streamlined Device Onboarding
  • Real-time Authorization Service Connector Framework

The introduction of these core features addresses critical challenges in the field of device identity management and offers numerous benefits including enhanced security, adaptability, and third-party integration.

To learn more about KeyScaler AI and to see a demo, visit: https://www.deviceauthority.com/keyscaler-ai/


About Device Authority: Device Authority is a global leader in securing machine identities and enabling zero trust for IoT. Device Authority’s KeyScaler is the only platform to automate and manage machine identities throughout their lifecycle, delivering automated device provisioning, authentication, credential management, policy-based end-to-end data security/encryption and secure updates and providing complete device, data and operational trust.

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