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Brazilian company The Priner Group partners with Wyld Networks for IoT asset monitoring via satellite

Priner Group is a leading Brazilian company in industrial service and maintenance, with a focus on results-oriented management and innovative technical solutions. Priner Group and Wyld will use Wyld Connect for multi-site asset monitoring.

The Priner Group specializes in industrial maintenance and infrastructure through the companies Priner Serviços Industriais, Priner Rental, Smartcoat, Isolafácil, Poliend, Brito&Kerche and gmaia.

With 40 years of experience, the Priner Group is active in petrochemicals, steel, oil exploration and production, paper and pulp, marine, mining, the sugar and energy sectors and metal processing as well as in infrastructure such as viaducts, railway bridges, bus stations, piers, ports, dams, water and sewage treatment plants, transmission towers and wind farms.

Initially, Wyld’s IoT satellite network will enable Priner Group to control losses when delivering goods to its customers.

“Tracing assets in South America has many challenges, including distance and terrain as well as connectivity deficiencies,” said Alastair Williamson, CEO of Wyld Networks. “We are very excited to work with The Priner Group to address the known IoT connectivity challenges for remote asset tracking in Brazil and Argentina using low Earth orbit satellites.”