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Wyld Networks sign an agreement with VestiTech to deploy Wyld Connect for livestock monitoring

Wyld Networks sign an agreement with VestiTech to deploy Wyld Connect for livestock monitoring in South America


Swedish technology company VestiTech have developed a monitoring tag with LoRaWAN and will combine Wyld Network’s sensor to satellite technology to collect data from livestock even in the remotest locations.

There is currently a major push by agricultural companies and government agencies to collect more data on the billion plus global population of cattle. Increasing demand for high protein food continues to rise with human population increases and economic growth driving livestock producers to engage with digital technologies to protect and monitor stock.

VestiTech’s  SPURO-X multi-purpose LoRaWAN tracking device and OnTrack service platform is able to track animal positions, inform geo fencing strategy and add data to pasture management planning. SPURO-X comes with GPS, accelerometer, temperature and persistent storage and has ultra-low power consumption. By adding Wyld’s low power satellite connectivity VestiTech will have no geographic restrictions on the use of their tag and will be able to reduce reliance on terrestrial IoT infrastructure.

VestiTech has more than30 years’ experience of embedded and application software to build advanced services. The company has a heritage from tracking Reindeers in the North of Sweden. The development of the VestiTech tag has been done in cooperation with Quectel.

“Capturing quality data from livestock is fundamental to improving cattle management,” said Alastair Williamson, CEO Wyld Networks. “We are delighted to be working with VestiTech to combine our engineering capabilities to meet the immense opportunity Satellite IoT brings to monitoring livestock in remote locations.”

“Wyld Networks’ groundbreaking satellite technology, coupled with our robust existing LoRaWAN technology, significantly broaden the reach of our Livestock solution in rural areas. This dynamic combination not only bridges connectivity gaps but sets the stage for an exceptional and reliable communication infrastructure in the most remote corners” said Jürgen Persson, CEO VestiTech AB.


For further information, please contact:

Alastair Williamson, CEO Wyld Networks
E-mail: alastair.williamson@wyldnetworks.com 
Tel: +44 7 824 997 689

About Wyld Networks AB

Wyld Networks develop and sell innovative wireless technology solutions that enable affordable connectivity anywhere in the World, addressing the problems for businesses and people regarding the lack of global mobile network coverage. The solutions are mainly targeted to wireless connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT) and people.

Wyld Networks Ltd was formed in Cambridge, UK in 2016 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wyld Networks AB.

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About VestiTech AB

VestiTech is a passionate high-end technology company with a vision to deliver cutting-edge IoT services. We strive to deliver accuracy data and flexible business solutions for different business needs.

VestiTech have decades of experience with advanced embedded software, service platforms and mobile applications. The company has close ties to Quectel and RAK WIRELESS for the latest edge technology

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