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Wyld Networks announce partnership with Agroforestry to deploy Wyld Connect in Brazil

Agroforestry’s innovative technology manages CO2 offsets for companies seeking to meet sustainability goals through regenerative agriculture.

Agroforestry forecast to deploy approximately 4500 terminals with a potential order value of approximately SEK 27 million over a 36 month period.

Brazilian agricultural exports reached a record US$166.55 billion in 2023, according to data from the country’s Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (Mapa). The figure was 4.8% higher compared to 2022, which represents an increase of US$7.68 billion. This growth rate is predicted to continue through the decade. Driven by agtech Brazil’s agriculture sector will continue to play a critical part in global food supply.

Agroforestry monitor soil at sites across Brazil to deliver accurate carbon modelling. Many farmers who practice regenerative farming lack support to maintain and scale their production. Agroforestry offer a complete Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory service, carbon calculator and multidisciplinary team who carry out an x-ray of a company’s carbon emissions.

However, many farms lack connectivity restricting the ability to monitor soil. Wyld Networks will provide 4,500 Wyld Connect terminals to meet this need. At the crossroads between the climate and food crises, Agroforestry utilise regenerative agriculture to sequester carbon, improve soil and ultimately produce healthy food.

“Satellite IoT is now a critical requirement for agriculture,” said Alastair Williamson, CEO of Wyld Networks. “We are delighted to start this partnership with Agroforestry to connect soil data in Brazil.”

For further information, please contact:

Alastair Williamson, CEO Wyld Networks
E-mail: alastair.williamson@wyldnetworks.com 
Tel: +44 7 824 997 689

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