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pay-as-you-go for the Planet’s data

“We are helping customers deliver crucial data via satellite for the price of an MMS ”

Poor cellular coverage means that 85% of the world has no connectivity, reducing revenue potential and hampering expansion into critical markets for companies that rely on data to drive their decisions. Wyld Networks is harnessing the power of low-orbit satellite technology, to create true 100 percent coverage for the Internet of Things.

Global data is big business. In fact, it might be the BIGGEST thing in business right now. However, global companies are being hamstrung by poor cellular connectivity and it’s costing them billions. Global markets need to plug these revenue gaps and maximise revenues by ensuring they can get to their IoT data, cheaply and easily without costly and time consuming infrastructure spend. That’s where Wyld Networks comes in.

“The numbers we’re talking about, when talking lost revenue to industries as a result of poor connectivity, are staggering. So, it’s a surprise that many companies still see this lost revenue as ‘baked-in’ and just the cost of doing business day-to-day,” says Wyld Networks CEO, Alastair Williamson.

“At Wyld we understand why that thinking is hard to change. Often, when accelerating a company’s growth, you create a lot of smart devices and place them at potentially very remote locations for your business,” he continues. “But, there’s a lot less thought that goes into how to connect those devices together. Traditional workarounds like on-site WiFi installation can be expensive, unreliable and costly to maintain. How do you get power, antennas and WiFi into a field in Kenya? It’s hard.”

Pay-as-you go for the world’s data

“What Wyld Networks does, via low-orbit satellites, is to go get that data, wherever it is and deliver it to businesses so they can do something useful with it. It’s cheap, immediate, needs no complicated tech and, best of all, its coverage is truly, one hundred percent of the world. When you think global cellular coverage is around 15 percent, you can see the difference.”

“So yes, satellites cost billions of dollars, but it’s just like having a cell phone. The handset may be expensive but sending actual messages from it costs practically nothing.”

Offering companies huge opportunities for ROI and expansion, across a huge number of verticals, Tern has been a very present partner almost from the off — helping Wyld get its message out to markets.

“Tern was our first, and remains our biggest backer and they continue to collaborate with us to expand into lucrative global markets, taking our message of super-cheap total global data to a much wider audience. And because they also work with companies that have complimentary products and services like cyber security, we feel we’re part of a thriving and growing community of future-tech thinkers.”



“ Yes, satellites cost billions of dollars but it’s just like having a cell phone. The handset may be expensive, but sending actual messages costs practically nothing.”

Alastair Williamson

CEO, Wyld Networks

Wyld Networks

Wyld Networks is unlocking the skies to give cheap, easy-to-access data for businesses with 100% total global coverage