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Wyld Networks, Vracity and Brinja sign an agreement for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Wyld Networks, Vracity and Brinja sign an agreement to develop infrastructure asset monitoring in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The synergy of Wyld Network’s cutting-edge satellite IoT connectivity, Vracity’s advanced digital twin technology, and Brinja’s state-of-the-art construction monitoring and application technology is set to usher in a transformative era in infrastructure and utilities maintenance monitoring across the entirety of Saudi Arabia.

This comprehensive integration will empower Wyld to detect and analyse various aspects of infrastructure, including structural integrity, weathering, cracks, vibrations, and anomalies. These insights will play a pivotal role in informing ongoing planning and maintenance programs. The impact of this endeavour will extend across a wide spectrum of applications benefiting stakeholders in numerous sectors through the kingdom. 

Australian based company, Vracity, creates digital twins for buildings and infrastructure by gathering and combining accurate information using technologies such as 3D laser scanners, drones, World leading Ground Penetration Radar Consultancy (GPR) for methodology and output validation sensors, cameras, and other IoT-related devices.

The digital twin, a 3D representation of the ‘as built’, allows teams to resolve issues efficiently without travelling to a specific site. Vracity provide project managers, quality control teams, construction managers and stakeholders with a nearly 100% accurate site status. 

Sweden’s Brinja and Cambridge UK based Wyld Network’s technology will add on-site sensors with low earth orbiting satellite connectivity. Wyld will provide network management through their Wyld Fusion platform and Brinja’s sensors and scalable app development add ground truth information to end applications. 

“Many important infrastructure assets lie outside of cellular connectivity,” said Alastair Williamson, CEO Wyld Networks. “Partnering with Vracity and Brinja provides an excellent opportunity to combine digital twin technologies with satellite IoT to meet the needs of digitising built assets in remote locations.”

“Saudi Arabia ranks fourth globally in digital preparedness and second among the G20 nations,” said Abdul Elbilly, CEO of Vracity. “The Kingdom is rapidly adopting IoT technologies, particularly in infrastructure projects with rapid growth and a market volume of US$17.12bn by 2028*. Vracity, Wyld Networks and Brinja have combined strengths to provide an end-to-end IoT solution to meet this demand.”

“Maintaining infrastructure assets on a big scale is complex,” said Xavier Leon, CEO Brinja AB. “Together with Wyld Networks and Vracity, we can break down data to the end user to take the right decision proactively.”