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Wyld Networks sign an agreement with PLF Australia

Wyld Networks sign an agreement with PLF Australia to deploy Wyld Connect satellite IoT in rural Queensland

Queensland based PLF Australia monitor and measure water, soil, livestock, crops and on-farm weather, providing accurate management information while saving resources, time and cost. PLF will deploy Wyld Connect to deliver Internet of Things (IoT) data utilising Low Earth Orbiting satellite connectivity in rural Australia.

Vast areas of agricultural land in Australia are remotely located and have no available networks to connect IoT sensors and devices. Wyld and PLF Australia will address this lack of connectivity with Wyld’s secure sensor to satellite solutions, delivering data via low earth orbiting satellites into the Wyld Fusion network management platform.

Farmers and agronomists in Australia currently struggle to extract the critical data needed to increase yields, reduce inputs and improve sustainability. PLF Australia are deploying Wyld’s solutions to deliver this accurate operational information to their customers to enable data-driven decisions.

“Australian farmers utilising Satellite IoT technology will become crucial to Australia’s future, as a reliable, sustainable supplier of quality produce to global markets,” said Alastair Williamson, CEO Wyld Networks. “We are delighted to be partnering with PLF Australia, one of Australia’s leading agricultural IoT companies, to deliver this connectivity.”