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securing identities in the IoT

“Without automation, there’s simply not enough people on the planet to secure every IoT device”

The Internet of Things is an ever-expanding network of connected devices creating huge reams of crucial data for the World’s businesses, but more devices means more problems in terms of security. Device Authority’s pioneering KeyScaler® tool means companies can secure every device, legacy or current at a speed and scale that a human-centric solution could never come close to.

“It’s really about scale, and the challenge that creates for businesses. When you think about how many devices there are in the Internet of Things, securing them over their entire life cycle presents huge logistical problems.”

CEO Darron Antill explains how Device Authority is pioneering security in the constantly evolving IoT landscape: “We’re a software company focused on securing the Internet of Things – the explosion of things out there. Chiefly, we look to certify their identity which is crucial to companies who leverage the IoT to deliver data – the backbone of their business.

“When we talk to customers we want to help them manage their devices. To do that we need to focus not only on the ones they are deploying now, but also their existing devices and networks already out there in the field. In fact, lifecycle is a significant issue to address. We believe in the adage ‘If you can’t trust the device, you can’t trust the data’ and if you have thousands of devices, ones that could have been in the field for many years then you can see the challenges IoT based companies are facing.  If those devices are not secure, not only is the data potentially compromised but, when it comes to automotive and medical applications, people’s safety is at risk too.”

Developing its proprietary platform KeyScaler®, Device Authority has allowed businesses to certify their IoT networks at every point, from edge to enterprise and critically, automating a process that simply couldn’t be achieved manually.

“Customers are becoming increasingly aware of security weaknesses in their IoT set-ups, but device security is also now being mandated pretty heavily by Governments and NGOs. So to secure networks and comply with new regulations, any device identity process must be deployed automatically, remotely and at significant speed and scale. KeyScaler® is the only product that means companies can do that with confidence, so they can really trust every device across their network. Best of all, it doesn’t mean huge outlays financially or in man hours.

“We believe we’re really at the leading edge of this push to secure the Internet of Things. As we grow and expand as a company, working with Tern has been great for us,” Darron concludes. “Not only did they help us grow our technology quickly, but they have been very supportive for us as a UK company, helping us gain access to significant markets such as automotive, industrial and medical in the US.

“The Internet of Things is always expanding, always developing, and we believe that Device Authority and KeyScaler® will play a crucial role in ensuring its future security.


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Device Authority

“We believe in the adage ‘If you can’t trust the device, you can’t trust the data’ “

Darron Antill


Device Authority is building trust in devices across networks in the Internet of Things