Diffusion Data

Pioneering real-time data streaming and messaging

DiffusionData Limited

Previously Push Technology, the company was founded in 2006 with offices in London and Silicon Valley. DiffusionData is a pioneer and the leader in Enterprise-grade, real-time data streaming and messaging for mission-critical business applications worldwide. The Diffusion product suite comprises Diffusion for on-premises applications and Diffusion Cloud for virtual applications that reside in either the public cloud or in a private corporate cloud. It can also run across hybrid environments.

DiffusionData significantly enhances the ability of organisations to communicate in real-time. This includes direct communication as well as indirect, for example, by refreshing data displayed information in real-time rather than when a user explicitly asks for an update. Interactive applications are infinitely more engaging, updating in real-time as new data becomes available.

Tern took a minority stake in 2014.


DiffusionData Limited